Building Energy Efficient Homes in Ontario

Green building is all the buzz, and for good reason.

In the 21st century, there’s no way around it: Energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes are simply where it’s at.

Whether it’s building a new home or renovating your existing home, the team at NS Management knows what you need. From green building and renewable energy to promoting high performance and making sure that your heating and cooling systems are energy efficient, NS Management has your back.

As a premier home builder in Ontario, our team knows how to marry style, function and the environment to build a stunning home from the foundation to the shingles. With a passion for beautiful homes and stunning, eco-friendly design, turning your home into a NS Management project is the ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint in the most gorgeous of ways.

When you work with NS management, you are of the utmost priority.

Since our goal is to encompass all of your biggest home building aspirations, the first step is a personalized consultation where we’ll learn about your vision and work together to explore how we can make it happen. From picking eco-friendly building materials to choosing your windows and doors, the mission of the initial meeting is to help you narrow in on what you like and begin a plan to start the process.

Throughout your entire project with NS Management, you’ll stay connected to our expert builders, project managers and design team to ensure that you’re over-the-top excited about your new high performance, high efficiency home. By working to keep everyone connected and on the same page, we’re able to deliver the high powered, stunning results that we’ve promised.

Keeping Nature at the Forefront

At NS Management, we understand and value the Earth that we all walk on, live on and build on. The importance of sustainable building can’t be overstated, which is why we focus on using eco-friendly, energy efficient and renewable materials in the highest amount possible in each build and project we embark on. Reclaimed wood for flooring, walls or ceilings honours history and celebrates the resiliency of forest products.

As residents of some of the most beautiful land in the world, we strive to honour nature and the environment in every single project. When considering the home location on the lot, we work with the natural, working landscape. Building a custom home is no small undertaking, and working to make your home as energy efficient and green as possible certainly isn’t either. With NS Management’s team at your side, expert craftsmanship and respect for nature weaves its way through every aspect of your project.

Building a Net-Zero Home

When built in a way that allows each part of your home to work together with the pieces around it, your new build can be energy efficient in a marvelous way. This type of building is where your home is built in a specific and intentional way to maximize efficiency and performance, using up to 90 percent less energy than others.

As a premier custom home builders in Ontario, our expert team of builders and designers construct homes built to last and take advantage of a spectacular energy efficient building technique. We are at the forefront of modern home building for high performance projects and Net Zero energy homes that consume the same amount of energy that it creates.

Constructing Energy Efficient Homes

By focusing on energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling systems and building materials, each home is built to reduce your energy footprint. From the windows and doors to the way homes are built, our team strives to construct energy efficient homes that are cost effective and with less environmental impact.

As we work together to discuss the plans and visions for your build, there are many ways that energy efficiency comes into play. There are several ways to build a home high in renewable energy and performance, from using Energy Star certified appliances and energy efficient light fixtures to ensure properly installed heating and cooling systems are implemented to specific building and insulation methods. Each project places energy efficiency at the forefront, so we’ll also discuss installing renewable energy features like solar panels, drain water heat recovery systems and strategic window placement to capture winter heat.