Why Build A Green Home?

Why Build A Green Home?

Over the last few years, green buildings, including green homes, have been gaining a lot of popularity among homeowners owing to their energy efficiency and environment-friendliness. There is a myriad of information available online and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between facts and fiction. In this blog, we will share our knowledge, since we have been in the construction sector for over two decades, and let you discover for yourself how a green home is not only beneficial for the planet, but for you as well. So, let’s dive deep into the advantages of building a green home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Green homes are typically built with several energy-saving features such as using double-glazed or other energy-efficient windows, using energy-rated HVAC systems and appliances, improving insulation, reducing air leaks, incorporating renewable energy, and so on. All these ensure that your green home is a state-of-the-art and high-performing structure home that consumes less energy and saves more, thereby also reducing the operating costs and utility bills.

Greater Comfort

Green homes offer better comfort because of their design-construction considerations which improve natural ventilation in the home and provide optimum thermal settings. Prevention of air leaks and insulation also contribute to elevated comfort and ensure an overall better living experience for the occupants.

Healthier Living Environment

Residing in a sustainable green home can markedly improve your health and elevate your quality of life. Several studies show that people living in green homes experience a healthier life for the environmentally friendly use of materials in the structure. For instance, green structures refrain from using materials that may contain toxic VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, as well as harmful plastic products that release toxic fumes and carcinogens into the air. These harmful materials are linked to several health issues such as skin diseases, allergies, respiratory diseases, and even cancer. Green homes offer remarkable indoor air quality by eliminating these pollutants and providing a healthier living space for you and your family.

Higher Appreciation Value

Since a green home consumes less energy, and reduces operating costs, it is more economical to maintain it while ensuring a healthier living space. This means it will guarantee a higher resale value than a traditionally built home. As a result, you get to enjoy growing your equity while minimizing your impact on the environment and helping maintain a greener planet for future generations.

More Sustainable In Nature

Since a green home is built with careful consideration of materials, while ensuring environment-friendliness, it will be more durable and sustainable than traditionally built homes. In addition, green home materials not only sustain for years exposed to the elements, but also require much less maintenance.

Healthier For The Planet

For today’s environmentally conscious world, green homes offer an ideal environmental solution as green homes reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, conserve more water and energy, and reduce the carbon footprint. According to a study, LEED-certified buildings were shown to have 34% lower CO2 emissions and 25% lower energy consumption, thus contributing to a healthier planet for tomorrow.

One of the infamous concerns regarding green homes is that they are more expensive. This statement is more fictional than factual. While there may be some upfront costs initially added to the green home project, it will offset long-term savings, lower maintenance costs, and higher appreciation value. Green homes can not only be affordable, but they can also improve the overall quality of your life through healthy living spaces and save you that trip to the doctor’s office. If you are inspired to build your green home, one of our team members at North Shore Management, a custom green home builder in Ontario, can help you provide the right advice and assist on the design and build of your green home project in Ontario.